Richard and Debbie got married YESTERDAY!!!! Gorgeous ceremony at St James' in Taxal then onto the intimate Old Hall Inn in Chinley... Photographing friends is a bit hardcore but I got some beauties ;-) enjoy xx

DR5AUG17-141 DR5AUG17-79 DR5AUG17-82 DR5AUG17-86 DR5AUG17-76 DR5AUG17-90 DR5AUG17-94 DR5AUG17-96 DR5AUG17-7 DR5AUG17-115 DR5AUG17-140 DR5AUG17-137 DR5AUG17-30 DR5AUG17-52 DR5AUG17-118 DR5AUG17-128 DR5AUG17-132 DR5AUG17-57 DR5AUG17-159 DR5AUG17-161 DR5AUG17-166 DR5AUG17-298 DR5AUG17-189 DR5AUG17-200 DR5AUG17-207 DR5AUG17-209 DR5AUG17-227 DR5AUG17-285 DR5AUG17-181 DR5AUG17-172 DR5AUG17-174 DR5AUG17-219 DR5AUG17-222 DR5AUG17-183 DR5AUG17-234 DR5AUG17-223 DR5AUG17-236 DR5AUG17-246 DR5AUG17-273 DR5AUG17-262 DR5AUG17-280 DR5AUG17-292 DR5AUG17-295 SATIN LOGO NEW