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I'm Michael and I run Satin Pictures Wedding Film & Photography. I'm a husband and father of five (yes five!) and am based in New Mills, Derbyshire, the town where love hearts are made.

This isn't all I do, I'm also a composer for television (you've probably heard me and just don't know it) and I bring this skill into the wedding films creating bespoke music to bridge the scenes of the day and maintain the flow but also that understanding of the cinematic image, the edit and rhythm of the day.

Why do I shoot weddings? For me, it's all about the joy of images, the thrill of film and the responsibility of capturing those memories that cannot be recreated.

Weddings have been part of my life since 2012 and after the very first shoot, I was hooked!

It's a wedding day. Always a beautiful day and every wedding (over 300 now) is unique... its all about the people, the story and the interactions. Its a joy to be invited into these families for a short time.